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Young Voices Helping Troubled Boys Who Seek A Response From The President

Young Voices TV and Radio

Because of the issues facing young men today, a commission to create a White House Council on Boys and Men established “Young Voices TV and Radio” to give young people an opportunity to have their concerns heard by the public, media, politicians and community leaders.

Your Tax Deductible Donations Go Towards:

The production of three 30-minute TV show pilots, in which the young men interview special guests focused on the issues facingFree juvenile porn vid young men.

Filmed in the format of the Charlie Rose Show at a professional studio out of San Diego County. KOCT in Oceanside.

Raising $1,000 per episode or $3,000.

Any more funds raised will go towards production of more episodes.

The TV Shows for “Young Voices” are produced by the commission to create a White House Council on Boys and Men, with the ultimate vision of positive social change through education and awareness of what young men are facing today.

Your donation to Young Voices will be processed by our parent 501(c)(3) non-profit association, the Global Initiative for Boys and Men.

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Young Voices TV/Radio

What: Established by to give young people an opportunity to have their concerns heard by the public, media, politicians, and community leaders.

Why: No one knows the challenges young people face quite like they do: fatherlessness; substance abuse; educational challenges; physical and emotional health needs are just some of the issues that they and their friends and families face.  There is a boy crisis and young people know it when their older siblings “fail to launch” and they know that girls now are doing better in school and going to college more often and drop out less frequently, and they know the suicide and crime rate is higher. Boys and young men are falling behind in almost every indicator of health and well-being, not only in the United States, but in 62 developed countries.  These young people seek policy changes at the highest level of government to equally protect their future opportunities to be responsible adults and productive citizens.

How: These Young Voices are speaking up and sharing their personal experiences and concerns with everyone via internet TV and radio. They intend to work hard to share their stories and with our help are capturing the attention of the media, politicians, thought leaders, government officials, celebrities, and policy makers.

What you can do: Donate to the cause…Every dollar counts.  We are an all-volunteer organization, but there are travel, food, professional videographer/video editor and other expenses.  Most of our young voices come from low-income families so every dollar helps provide an opportunity for a once in a lifetime experience

Secondly, share the Videos and  Homepage with your network of friends and family. Help us get the word out so that these Young Voices will be heard. Thank you.

View our videos here: Young Voices YouTube

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Coalition Chair: Dr. Warren Farrell
Philip W. Cook, Treasurer, WHCBM

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  3. Warren Farrell – http://www.whitehouseboysmen/bios
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Media Contacts:

  • Molly K Olson, 651-276-5566
    • Media, Outreach, & Collaboration Assistant Director, Commission to Create a White House Council on Boys & Men
  • Dan Gorbunow, 612-987-0324
    • Field Director, Young Voices TV/Radio
    • Director, Seven Feathers –
  • Glenn Barker, 630-890-3713
      • Director and Producer, Young Voices TV/Radio
      • President & Executive Director, Mankind Project, Chicago

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