The Boy Crisis

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The Commision’s proposal for a White House Council on Boys and Men offers strong and convincing evidence that we are in the midst of a boy crisis.  This page will offer links and summaries of some of the issues that boys are facing today.


Some Issues Faced by Boys Today

If you have a link to an important issue facing boys today email the link and a short description of the problem (like the ones seen below) to


UPDATE: Houston Schools discuss boy’s ‘Nerf Gun’ suspension.

Kindergartner accused of sexual misconduct

Boy, seven, may be expelled after telling teacher he accidentally brought toy gun to school 



2 thoughts on “The Boy Crisis”

  1. It is necessary to debunk sex-biased assumptions to first establish an equal stand on matters pertaining to equality of the sexes. Too much has been accepted as to be fact pertaining to the premise of inequality, whereas the process taking place has resulted in increased inequality of men and boys.

  2. The Boy Crisis page here is incomplete. The images do not show crisis, but rather connection – doesn’t match the expectation. There is no summary here, and this unfortunately contributes to the “non-issue” paradigm that hounds the crisis. Can we do better and put up more corroborating copy and images?

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