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‘Equal pay day’ this year is April 12; the next ‘equal occupational fatality day’ will be in the year 2027

On the gender gap in occupational fatalities by Mark Perry at the American Enterprise Institute: Every year the National Committee on Pay Equity (NCPE) publicizes its “Equal Pay Day” to bring public attention to the gender pay gap. According to the NCPE, … Continue reading

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Work With Boys—Not Against Their Nature

From Christina Hoff Sommers in the New York Times: Rather than try to change the basic nature of boys, why not work with who they are? Consider the all-too-typical case of Justin, a Southern California boy who loved science fiction, pirates and … Continue reading

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A Man’s World but Not a Boy’s: Those supporting women should also encourage boys

From Mark Sherman in Psychology Today: What is someone like me to do? While I had a mother I loved and respected, and I have a wife I adore, my children and grandchildren – for whom, like every parent and … Continue reading

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Family Structure and the Gender Gap

Following on an earlier post, the concerns about fatherless America 20 years ago, here is more recent data summarized by W. Bradford Wilcox in National Review: On October 14, Princeton University and Brookings released a new issue of The Future of Children, focused … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Social Workers

From Tom Golden at MenAreGood, “An Open Letter to Social Workers“, part 1: In the 1980’s and 1990’s, when I worked as a psychotherapist with many traumatized men and women, it was clear that society’s focus was to help women … Continue reading

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Gender Gap Journalism

Gender Gap Journalism by Kay Hymowitz at the Institute for Family Studies blog: The gender gap doesn’t bring out the best in journalists.  With important exceptions, articles on the subject are padded with overly broad statistics, cherry picked research, a … Continue reading

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