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sundialDo you have a personal story that supports the need for a White House Council on Boys & Men?

How have you directly experienced the crisis of boys and men in America? 

How have you personally been touched in the areas of emotional and physical health, father involvement, work, and education for boys and men? 

Do you know a boy or man whose story captures the need and the opportunity for greater support in these areas? 

Have you personally seen how the women’s movement has left boys and men behind?

Short stories, artwork, and/or links to your online video can be submitted by email to Please include your name, age, city and state with each submission. If you wish to withhold your full name, please indicate this in your email.  Please note that any materials you submit may be posted on our public website or shared in verbal or written form as part of our efforts to advocate for a White House Council on Boys & Men.


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