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Who and What. A multi-partisan Commission of thirty-four nationally-known scholars and practitioners request that the President create a White House Council on Boys and Men.

Why. A nationwide crisis of boys and men already exists. The Commission identifies five components:

Education. Boys are behind girls in almost every subject, especially reading and writing. Yet boy-friendly programs (e.g., recess and vocational education) are being curtailed.

Jobs. Our sons are not being prepared for jobs where the jobs will be. Yet women rarely marry men in unemployment lines.

Fatherlessness. A third of boys are raised in father-absent homes; yet boys and girls with significant father involvement do better in more than 25 areas.

• Physical health. Life expectancy has gone from one to five years less for males than for females, yet federal offices of boys and men’s health are non-existent.

Emotional health. Boys’ suicide rate goes from equal to girls to five times girls’ between ages 13 and 20, as boys feel the pressures of the male role.

Each of the five crisis components is potentially handled by a different department of the government; therefore coordination and prioritization is best handled at the White House level.

Short-Term Investment. One million dollars.

Long-Term Savings. Many billions of dollars. (For example, boys who are cared for become men who care for–men who pay taxes for schools rather than drain taxes for prisons.)

Quality-of-Life Savings. Priceless.

Timing. The mere presidential announcement of a White House Council on Boys to Men makes visible an invisible crisis. A White House Conference on Boys to Men to present “best practices” within one year after the Council is created.

For more information contact the WHCBM Steering Committee:

Coalition Chair: Dr. Warren Farrell


Phil Cook, Treasurer, WHCBM

Ph: 503-692-9652

2 thoughts on “One Pager”

  1. Hello,
    Please don’t leave out the impact on minority boys in a society that incarcerates young black boys and men at 6x more then white males . Also suicide rates for boys who identify as gay is alarmingly high.

  2. This was a great piece.
    I listen to CBC every morning and there is always a debate about women’s issues/rights and how society should improve their lives.
    There is never a debate about men’s issues. 4 times the suicide rate, more homlessness, custody battles which men almost always loose, domestic abuse cases where men are ignored and laughed at and…
    There is no national debate/spotligh on the statuf of men in Canada and government’s turning a blind eye to them.

    Thanks for thie article

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