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Who and What: A multi-partisan Coalition of 35 nationally-known scholars and practitioners request that President Trump create a White House Council on Boys and Men.

Why: A nationwide crisis of boys and men already exists. The Coalition identifies five components:

  • Education: Worldwide, boys are 50 percent less likely than girls to meet basic proficiency in reading, math and science. Yet male teachers, recess, and vocational education are being curtailed in the U.S.
  • Jobs: Cut-backs in vocational education leave boys who are not academically inclined unemployed. Japan’s vocational programs result in 99.6% employment.
  • Fatherlessness: A third of boys are raised in father-absent homes; yet boys and girls with significant father involvement do better in more than 70 areas.
  • Physical health: In 1920, American males lived only one year less than females; today, it is five years less. Yet federalFree sexy juvenile porn movies – cock-suck, hardcore, teen offices of boys and men’s health are non-existent.
  • Emotional health: Between ages 13 and 20, as boys feel the pressures of the male role, boys’ suicide rate soars from equal to girls,’ to five times girls’.

Each of the five crisis components is potentially handled by a different department of the government; therefore coordination and prioritization is best handled at the White House level.

Short-Term Investment/ Long-Term Savings: Savings: about a trillion dollars per year. For example, mass shooters, ISIS recruits and male prisoners are more than 90% dad-deprived boys. Quality-of-Life Savings: Priceless.

Timing: Fed Chair Powell has just identified the crisis of young American males as one of the two biggest threats to the America’s economic future.

For more information contact the WHCBM Steering Committee:

Coalition Chair: Dr. Warren Farrell
Phil Cook, Treasurer, WHCBM
Ph: 503-692-9652

5 thoughts on “One Pager”

  1. Hello,
    Please don’t leave out the impact on minority boys in a society that incarcerates young black boys and men at 6x more then white males . Also suicide rates for boys who identify as gay is alarmingly high.

  2. This was a great piece.
    I listen to CBC every morning and there is always a debate about women’s issues/rights and how society should improve their lives.
    There is never a debate about men’s issues. 4 times the suicide rate, more homlessness, custody battles which men almost always loose, domestic abuse cases where men are ignored and laughed at and…
    There is no national debate/spotligh on the statuf of men in Canada and government’s turning a blind eye to them.

    Thanks for thie article

  3. Hi
    I’m a British teacher of secondary pupils (your High School). I am like you terrified about the crisis for boys and men and how surprisingly little attention is paid to it over here. I teach too many young men who are headed for the ‘glass basement’
    Good luck, let’s try and create a world where everyone has the opportunity and personal resolution to contribute.

  4. Every week I work with men in recovery and transition who share many of the common components to the Boy Crisis (which quickly pile up as a growing Adult Male Crisis) that Dr. Warren Farrell has courageously identified: disconnection to fathers, high rate of mental health issues combined with low emotional intelligence, “heroic vs. health” consciousness, high rates of drop out from education and employment, addiction and incarceration, under-supported health issues, and separation from family life. Our societies urgently need a coherent and comprehensive approach to tackle this crisis, or the Boy Crisis will tackle our societies to the ground, likely with serious injuries!

  5. I am happy to have found this site. My son suffered greatly in his marriage and all of us were affected. We were kept from our grandchildren and spent thousands in court for his custody rights. When I try to tell people that men are hurt in many ways in our Society, I am met with hostility.

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