Newtown Shootings: Warren Farrell Offers New Ideas of What May Help

“It is time that we go beyond fighting over guns and to raising our Sons”.

Newtown Shooting – Warren Farrell offers a core issue beyond the Gun Control issue about the absence of support for boys and young men and why we need a White House Council on Boys and Men. See Warren Farrell original article called: “Guns don’t kill people — our sons do” – “After Newtown, Conn., parents cried out, “What’s making our children kill?” But it is not our children who are killing. It is our sons. All but one of the 62 mass killings in the past 30 years was committed by boys or men.”

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One thought on “Newtown Shootings: Warren Farrell Offers New Ideas of What May Help”

  1. I have to think long and hard before responding here…..
    There was a boy once who grew up in a house of girls,whose father worked at night which meant no “present” father. When his father was available on the weekends or holiday times at home he would on occasion clean his gun- you see he had served in the air force in the war-but his son was not allowed to touch the gun. It was very seldom that the buy was allowed to touch or hold the gun and it took him a lot of courage to ask to do so.
    The home he grew up in was dominated by his very strict mother. So when he came of age to leave school he rebelled somewhat which put him on a very different new and long journey to other countries and cultures that he assimilated into his being like a sponge. At some point I think he begun to trade in the most prized of man’s possessions for the very lucrative rewards- guns!
    Much later on when he realized what those guns were doing to families whose casualties were woman and children, it was too late of course because the damage was done and now he had to live with the guilt, and he could tell no one of what he had done having sworn to a code of silence.
    Now the insidious guilt eats slowly at his life like a parasite that can never be satisfied, leading him to lash out at loved ones from the pain of his inner turmoil leaving a trail of burnt bridges and destruction rendering his life worthless.

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