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For the Boy Crisis (general):

Warren’s TEDx Talk:

A sobering look at the State of America’s boys. Dr. Warren Farrell @TEDx on the #BoyCrisis

“If our very survival has been dependent on our sons’ willingness to die for us, then sensitivity to male death…  

From dad deprived homes to male teacher deprived schools—”We didn’t used to know the importance of that.” 

While feminism brought women to STEM professions, who brought men to the caring professions?  

About the 6 min mark, right after the sobering graphic on suicide. #Dadsmatter #Maleteachersmatter  

The gender gap:

“Boys are more sensitive to disadvantage than girls” @clairecm in the NYT.
The other #gendergap

Basic stats on the #gendergap in health from Harvard.


Could Fathers Be the Key to Preventing Bullying? @annams59 of @FamStudies  #dadsmatter #bullying

#DisposableDads & the Myth of the Modern Family by @woodallthoughts in @HuffPoUK 

1/2 Worry about #fatherlessness 20 years ago. #ThisIsntNew
cc @Commentary @blankenhorn3

2/2 Recent research on #fatherlessness summarized by @WilcoxNMP in @NROcorner #dadsmatter


The empathy gap: [indifference to men’s issues]

Detachment, indifference to and even hostility toward men’s pain in social work. #empathygap by @trgolden

Not-so-benign neglect. Ignoring our sons. by Dr. Mark Sherman in @PsychToday

“The gender gap doesn’t bring out the best in journalists.” @KayHymowitz in @FamStudies #gendergap #emphatygap

Why don’t we hear about male abuse victims?  at Yahoo!Health    #empathygap 

“Men are so seemingly unnecessary that we have the luxury of denigrating them…” @artofmanliness #empathygap

“You go with pride, you come back with shame.” by @ian_urbina in the NYT via @WhBoysAndMen

A Man’s World but Not a Boy’s | Dr. Mark Sherman in @PsychToday via @WhBoysAndMen #empathygap



Why are boys failing in school? @TRGolden interviews @jlwf of @BuildingBoys and Dr. Mark Sherman of @PsychToday

The #gendergap in education. An interview about why boys are failing in school. @BuildingBoys and Dr. Mark Sherman of @PsychToday


Men’s Health:

The masculine side of body image distortion by via  

Basic stats on the #gendergap in health from Harvard.


For debates:

Thoughts on Men and #Manliness After Paris We defamed manhood when we didn’t think we needed it.

The “Boy Crisis” Four National Debate Questions

Presidential Debate Question: “The Boy Crisis” awaits Tomorrow’s President. Your solution is?

Presidentialteen rides massive dildo on – babe, big, porn Debate Question: Do you support The Proposal For a White House Council on Boys and Men?


Boys, men, and fathers in pop culture:

Happier thoughts: Changing Perception of Fatherhood in Pop Culture, aka #DadsInAds via @WhBoysAndMen

For emails:

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