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A multi-partisan commission of many of the nation’s leading experts have articulated five components to the boy crisis, and suggested solutions, including the coordination of a White House Council on Boys and Men. See the right sidebar for the full proposal . Click here for a video explaining the crisis.

We Invite You to be Part of History

Now you can bring your family on the family trip of a lifetime–to be a part of history and helping to solve the boy crisis. The event is a unique interactive conference with the presidential candidates in Iowa. It is the perfect way to give your son a sense of purpose and leadership opportunities for his future.

“Today’s Boy Crisis Meets Tomorrow’s President”
July 20, 2015
Des Moines, Iowa
Drake University, Olmstead Center, 9-5


  • Presidential candidates of both parties, plus
  • Boys, parents, educators, mentors, experts, and leaders of programs helping boys

What is an “Interactive” Conference?

Since many boys learn best by doing and interacting, the presidential candidates of both parties, and the parents, experts and the audience, will:

  • exchange ideas and experiences about the boy crisis;
  • search together for the best solutions;
  • play a mini-game of pick-up basketball. The presidential candidates, boys, and others will, like entrepreneurs, create their own rules, play, and then debrief what they learned about each other. Knowing how to win will be secondary;  knowing how to be a team player and team leader, primary.

Register Here (ticket prices include buffet lunch. Full work scholarships available.)

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How You Can Help If You Cannot Attend

Please donate to help fund this conference.

Watch the video below as Commission Chair, Dr. Warren Farrell, explains.

Click here to see how a White House Council on Boys and Men, by strengthening father involvement and the family, reduces the need for the government-as-substitute husband. 


How Our Coalition Made Contact with the Presidential Candidates
See the Eight coalition members in Iowa speaking directly to the candidates.


For Conference Information or Work Scholarships contact Lisa Lippe:
For Interviews, contact or Tom Golden:

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