Welcome to the site that houses the proposal for a White House Council on Boys and Men. The full proposal is available on the right sidebar with links to the various sections. We hope you will take the time to have a look.

The commission was created by Warren Farrell in 2010 when he pulled together a bi-partisan group of leading American authors, academics, and practitioners. You can learn more about the commission’s creation here, see the bios of the commission members here or read commission member’s articles here.

Lately the proposal is getting some attention from the media with articles in publications such as Forbes Magazine where they published an article titled “The Need to Create a White House Council on Boys and Men.” The article interviews Dr. Warren Farrell about the proposal for a White House Commission for Boys and Men. The Chronicle of Higher Education has published an article titled “Saving the ‘Lost Boys.’

If you are looking for more information or seeking interviews with commission members you can find more information on our contact page.

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